Sudipta Kundu

Mr. Sudipta Kundu started as a first generation entrepreneur almost 25 years ago by incorporating a trading company called Macro Tech now Macro Tech Equipment Pvt. Ltd., which even today specializes in Best quality Material Handling Equipment.

Seizing on the potential opportunities the market had to offer during these decades, he quickly drafted a team together who are the part of Macro Tech Equipment Pvt. Ltd. today to win over new mandates, offer excellent services and improve value proposition with customers.

A true team player and a thorough professional, he backed this up with professional work practices and adopted financial and operational standards. He is also very active and over the years Mr. Sudipta Kundu has also invested in himself, in his own learning to keep pace with the business environment and has transformed himself into a results driven professional armed with excellent communication, team building and analytical skills.

A visionary by heart, he helped expand the company across borders, by creating a portfolio of foreign manufacturing companies and leading numerous successful projects.